Isla Mujeres (the Women's Island) is an enchanting and picturesque island that can be reached by crossing the bay of Cancun.It takes the name from what the "conquistadores", in the ?prehispanic? time found on the island: sketches and small terracotta statues devoted to "Ixchel", Mayan Goddess of the moon, love and fertility.We depart from the bay of Cancun on board of comforts catamarans, where you will find a prepared, careful and…fun staff!Nothing is missing on board! Music, fun and open bar will accompany us for the whole day.Snorkelling on the coral reef (included equipment), swimming between corals and fishes from the most vivacious colors, then to the beach club for a rich buffet lunch….obviously all included.

A little bit of relax catching the sun on the comfortable bunk or, for the ones who prefer action, some row with the kayaks, then again on board to go to visit the typical Caribbean town, the center of the island.Among small paths full of color there are shops of all the types, where the shopping fans won't certainly be disappointed.Again sailing toward Cancun, it launches us in the last activity of the day: "spinnaker."….wind allowing.The return is scheduled before dinner.

The tour is available on Thursday and Sunday.

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