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Holidays in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is located in the Yucatan Peninsula, which is the place that houses impressive Resorts ensuring travelers itinerary please repeat.Just 50 km from Cancun Airport, Playa del Carmen is the best kept secret of Mexico.This little gem has become a favorite place of those who really know where to stay when they visit Mexico.It started with a few modest bedroom and soon became an important area Resorts High Level.Playa del Carmen has everything you need for your holidays.In the legendary white sandy beaches where ancestors worshiped the sun, you can now do all kinds of water sports.There are several five-star hotels ideal for families and travelers who celebrate weddings and other family gatherings.High season in the Yucatan Peninsula runs from December to April.Christmas and spring break are usually the busiest time.Those who want to enjoy the sun no matter what time it is, as the temperature in Playa del Carmen remains the same throughout the year.

Golf is one of the favorite pastimes in this resort town, where World Class Greens call the game early in the morning.Relax in the shade of a palm tree or stroll through the tropical forests separated by the best Resorts.%20Aquellos%20que%20van%20de%20vacaciones%20con%20la%20familia%20querr%C3%A1n%20echar%20un%20vistazo%20en%20la%20impresionante%20expedici%C3%B3n%20acu%C3%A1tica%20que%20inspiran%20al%20visitante%20a%20practicar%20snorkeling%20en%20una%20laguna%20de%20la%20selva%20y%20visitar%20dos%20de%20los%20famosos%20t%C3%BAneles%20(pozos%20bajo%20el%20agua)%20y%20explorarlo%20a%20su%20propio%20ritmo.Dolphin Discovery offers an experience of swimming with dolphins where you and your family will have the opportunity to receive all the affection of these tender and playful animals that always seem to smile and you will never forget.%20Viva%20de%20cerca%20una%20placentera%20visita%20a%20la%20Pir%C3%A1mide%20Maya%20m%C3%A1s%20alta%20ubicada%20el%20norte%20de%20la%20pen%C3%ADnsula%20donde%20los%20visitantes%20tendr%C3%A1n%20la%20oportunidad%20de%20subir%20a%20trav%C3%A9s%20de%20sus%20escalones%20y%20estar%20m%C3%A1s%20cerca%20de%20las%20estrellas.After a day of exploration visitors can decide for a relaxing round of golf, venturing to practice a water sport or just sunbathing, and at night, under the stars, dine a delicious lobster aboard a sailboat in Laguna Nichupte.Fresh tropical breeze is welcome to the tropical midday sun.Playa del Carmen is the best place to spend time with our loved ones.If you plan to enjoy with your family or make a romantic outing, Playa del Carmen has plenty to see and do on your vacation.

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Rest and Adventure in Playa del Carmen

The rest of the holiday has proved to be one of the most enjoyable moments in life.A holiday in Playa del Carmen will not only provide you a great way to have memories, but will also offer relaxation and rest you deserve a vacation.Playa del Carmen is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea surrounded by beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters.

Arriving at Cancun Airport tourists often come to Playa del Carmen to spend your holiday.The ride from the airport to Playa del Carmen is about an hour.The tourist area is located along the beach.Most visitors arriving by bus are left on the dock that lead by ferry to the nearby town of Cozumel.5th Avenue is the street that runs parallel to the beaches.This street is known for hotels, bars and places to spend time in various activities.5th Avenue is also known as "Pedestrian Walkway" - Pasaje Peatonal.

Shopping is one of the main attractions of visitors to Playa del Carmen.Numerous shops can be found along 5th Avenue and in front of hotels and restaurants.If you want clothes, reminders, food, snacks, or something else, you can be sure will find it quickly if you are near the tourist area.When dinner in town, many restaurants offer various types of food.Many visitors try the local food Maya and others opt for Italian food, French, South American and many other places.The Mexican food is the first choice of many visitors in Playa del Carmen.

Most tourists from Playa del Carmen are interested in seeking relaxation at the edge of the beach under the shade of an umbrella.On the other hand, some find pleasure tourists visiting nearby attractions to Playa del Carmen.The sites attract thousands of tourists throughout the year.The city of Playa del Carmen invites alone to live the adventure.Many travelers spend their days visiting places colonial city, ancient churches, museums and other interesting buildings.Adventure tourism in the Riviera Maya is another attractive and very popular way to spend holidays in Playa del Carmen.The rich wildlife and thick forest that are south of Mexico give visitors an exciting view of the fine creation of nature.